[AN] Un parc d'attractions indoor en projet pour la Géorgie (USA)

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 Plans are under way to build an indoor water park and an indoor amusement park in south DeKalb County near Lithonia.

The plans for Fun World Palace and Resort also call for a performing arts center with 65-hundred seats, 400 hotel rooms, 500 apartments in two towers, 120 thousand square feet of office space and 110-thousand square feet of retail space.

Developers need to finalize construction financing to build out the 31-acre site near the Mall of Stonecrest. Top Flight Development Group is in charge of the project that aims to draw from a retail market basin that reaches into south Georgia and eastward to Augusta and South Carolina.

Developers expect to start opening Fun World in two to three years. Rodney Zellner is a partner with the Atlanta-based development company. He believes Fun World's distance from downtown Atlanta will be a selling point. He says many families want a retreat from the hustle of the big city.

Source : AP
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