[AN] Shangaï accueille un centre de loisirs sur le thême cartoon

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An all-year cartoon carnival will appear in China along with the opening of the country's first cartoon-theme shopping mall in Shanghai by the end of this year.

The Toonmax Cartoon Shopping Center covering 10,000 square meters of floor space in Shanghai's downtown business district is a joint project of the Shanghai Xuangdong Toonmax TV (Toonmax TV) and Songyu Group.

Toonmax TV is China's first full-time cartoon company and channel for all ages. The company has already established cooperative relations with more than 30 Chinese and international cartoon brands such as Disney and Toys & Wonders Ltd. for the shopping center.

The shopping center is expected to link up the industry chain of cartoon production, cartoon TV broadcasting, and cartoon products sales, said industry insiders.

The investors have already planned to build chain outlets of cartoon-theme shopping malls in other cities.

Source : Xinhua

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