[AN] Un parc Ferrari pour Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari and Aldar Properties have announced an exclusive agreement for the development of an innovative theme park in Abu Dhabi dedicated to the prestigious and famous Ferrari trademark. The project promises entertainment for the whole family, including a race track, an amusement park and various initiatives aimed at informing visitors on the story and traditions of Ferrari. The park will also include participation in Ferrari's sporting events and the possibility of experiencing the Ferrari trademark also through virtual simulations. Another major aspect of the structure will be a modern and sophisticated race track which, in addition to car races, will also be used for tests and driving lessons.

Furthermore, the project will also include hotels, shops and residential areas that will encapsulate the style and design of the Ferrari brand. "The agreement with Abu Dhabi will give Ferrari many opportunities," said Ferrari Director General Jean Todt. "This area will be a great attraction for fans and car enthusiasts from around the world," he stressed, "The structures for sporting and driving events will be a great call for Ferrari's drivers and supporters," Todt added. Giulio Zambeletti, Director of Ferrari's division of Brand Development & Partners said, "Ferrari's products and stores are having great success all over the world confirming the great potential for inspiration that our brand has."

Source : AGI
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