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Six Flags Over Texas today announced a sweeping capital expansion project that will forever change the landscape of the 212-acre acre theme park and mark the largest capital expansion in the park's 45-year history!

In Spring 2006, Six Flags Over Texas will debut a phenomenal package of family rides that will give every Guest 10 new reasons to visit and 10 new reasons there'll be 10 times the fun at the best theme park in the Southwest!

"Remaining true to our tradition, the addition of 10 new family rides in 2006 represents a major commitment on the part of Six Flags Over Texas to keep delivering wholesome family fun, " said Steve Calloway, vice president and general manager.  "Ten rides in one year is a huge investment.  These new attractions provide a great ride experience to Guests of all ages and will be enjoyed by generations of families for years and years to come."  This Texas-size expansion includes a host of the most innovative and exciting family rides in the industry.  The new attractions will be located in different areas of the park, giving Guests a greater variety and the ability to maximize their visit to Six Flags Over Texas. Joining the ever-growing Six Flags Over Texas rides arsenal will be:            

*    Blackbird - Spread your wings and fly high in the sky as nine planes zip around an oval-shaped course.  Each plane can accommodate up to four children or one adult and two children.

*    La Fiesta de las Tazas - Spin around super fast or slow it down to savor the experience. This family favorite will leave Guests spinning with excitement.

*    Rock-N-Rocket - Zip into orbit as the rocket and its 50 passengers make several exhilarating 360-degree loops before swinging back earthward for a gentle stop.

*    Rodeo - True Texans love a good rodeo. Cowboys and cowgirls alike can test their riding skills on these bucking bulls.  Saddle up!

*    Crazy Legs - Whirling, twirling fun for the whole family.  This "crazy" ride moves in a circular fashion with gondolas that move in the opposite direction.

*    Caddo Lake Barge - A high capacity family attraction, the Caddo Lake Barge features a unique combination of rocking motions and has received top awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.  

*    Sidewinder - A ride with timeless popularity and commonly referred to as the "scrambler" received its original name from the way it looks while in operation, resembling scrambling eggs.

*    Up, Up & Away - Experience a breathtaking view of the park while riding on unique hot air balloons.  Up, up and away we go!

*    Boot Scootin' - These boots are made for walkin' or in this case ridin'!  Try these on for size in a one-of-a-kind interactive bouncing ride experience.

*    Interactive Spray Ground - Loads of water fun for Guests of all ages. Another great place to cool off during those hot Texas summer months.
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