[AN]Le parc du Père Noël ouvre en Arizona

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For weeks, local people have been speculating about the lights and construction off Interstate 10 near Ahwatukee Foothills and Chandler.

Wednesday night they were able to find out what the commotion near the Wild Horse Pass Boulevard exit has been about.

The evening was the grand opening of Santa's, an enormous Christmas-theme amusement park at Firebird International Raceway on the Gila River Reservation through Jan. 8.

The mile-long track at the raceway was dotted with holiday scenes, rides, Christmas trees and concession stands.

A 75-foot-tall Christmas tree was ceremoniously lit just after dusk and the choir from Valley Christian High School of Chandler performed.

"We love it," said Patty Roma, 41, of Phoenix, as she and her children looked on at a moving animatronic display of Santa Claus waking up at the North Pole. "The decorations, the weather, the rides, everything, it's beautiful."

Roma got free passes to attend the opening-night event, though she said she would have paid the full admission of $23 for adults and $18 for children. Most of the rides are included in the cost.

Francisco Lopez, 34, of Phoenix, stopped in with his family out of curiosity. They saw the lights off the highway when they were driving home from Tucson.

As he stood in line with his children waiting to meet Santa, he said he enjoyed the park but added that the full-price admission was a bit steep.

While Arnold Arvizu of Tucson agreed that the admission is high, he is glad the park was built in the Phoenix area.

"It's very, very nice. I'm very impressed," Arvizu said. "Some of the scenes are just phenomenal. They've done a great job with all of them, and I think it's great for Phoenix, too."

Arvizu snapped shots of the park's nativity scene, which was produced by Italian manufacturer Fontanini. According to a park spokesperson, the same scene can be seen at the Vatican.

The nativity and other holiday scenes on display were only a pit stop on the way to the rides though for Devin Larson, 9, and friend Ariana Ivins, 9, of Phoenix.

Both girls said the carnival rides, similar to those at the Arizona State Fair, were the best part of the park.

"It's cool and fun," Devin said.

Source: Azcentral
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