[AN] Disneyland Hong Kong fête son millionième visiteur

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Disney reports 1 mln visitors to Hong Kong theme park since Sept open

More than a million people have so far visited Disneyland's newest theme park in Hong Kong since its opening in September, Disney said in a statement issued from its California, US headquarters.

'Since the beginning of our soft opening, while we were not open every day to the public, Hong Kong Disneyland has welcomed and entertained well over one million guests eager to experience our immersive world of fun, fantasy and adventure,' the statement said.

It also claimed that customer surveys found the park's cleanliness, hotel experience, entertainment experience and staff attitude had all rated well above 90 pct.

The statement comes days after a report in the local South China Morning Post newspaper that the park was operating at well below half its 30,000 daily capacity.

In an investigation, four SCMP reporters counted customers entering the park and found only 12,972 people visited on Sunday November 13 and 11,399 on Wednesday November 16.

The government, which owns a 57 pct stake in the 3 bln usd venture, has said it expects 5.6 mln visitors in its first year of operation, or an average daily attendance of 15,342.

'The bottom-line is this: attendance is ramping up well, which continues to give us confidence that we are on track to achieve our long-term attendance goals,' parks and resorts chairman Jay Rasulo said.

'Average daily attendance calculations by the media, especially over a short period of time, have resulted in misleading and faulty conclusions, and paint an oversimplified picture that doesn't reflect either performance or guest enjoyment of the Disney entertainment experience.

'One must always remember in the tourism industry to take seasonality and fluctuation during peak and non-peak times into account, which makes simple daily averages meaningless,' Rasulo added.

Hong Kong Disneyland became the company's first Chinese resort when it opened on September 12, with the government aiming to attract a third of visitors from China, a third from overseas and the balance from home.

Disney, meanwhile, hopes the park will be a springboard to sell its other products -- including movies, merchandise and clothing -- in the growing Chinese market.

Source : AFX
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