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Describing El Paso as a city with great history and virtually no tourist-friendly attractions, the head of Mayor John Cook's Tourism Cabinet proposed the development of an Old West theme park at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

But first, David Marcus said, the city must do something about the sad state of its potential attractions, starting with an inventory of those places.

"Currently, if you want to take your family to visit an historical site such as Concordia Cemetery, or one of the missions in the Valley," Marcus said, "you would have nowhere to take your child if he or she has to go to the bathroom unless you visit the local gas station, nowhere to buy them even a bottle of water if they are thirsty, and nobody available in an organized way to show you the site, or give you accurate information on the cemetery or the missions.

"If it were my family, and somebody warned us of this in advance, we wouldn't go."

He said the Tourism Cabinet, established along with other cabinets to work with the mayor and City Council after the city's Economic Summit in August, proposes to develop a list of potential attractions and to come back in six months with a small budget to make them more "tourist-friendly."

The Old West theme park would be a longer-term project that might take 10 years.

"We are not proposing an amusement park, but rather a large theme park that wold capitalize on our shared history of a vibrant 1800s Western town on the Mexican border," he said.

Marcus, a CPA who has long been active in civic affairs, said the Cabinet would like to see the city issue a request for proposals from theme park developers around the country. The Cabinet requested and received the City Council's authorization to continue with its work, which includes coming up with a long-term tourism goal or development proposal.

El Paso, he said, needs to do something, because now the city is merely a place people pass through on their way somewhere else. Although generally supportive, several council members voiced reservations about an aggressive tourist plan.

"For every person who wants to make this city great," East Side city Rep. Presi Ortega said, "there will be nine or 10 who will say we can't get it done."

Source : Borderlandnews
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