[AN] Deux jeunes sérieusement blessées à Singapour

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The two young sisters who suffered serious back injuries on Friday after falling from a roller coaster at a theme park are reported to be in stable condition.

Chong Siying, 11, and her sister Chong Sili, 9, fell three metres from the Alpha-8 ride at the Escape Theme Park at Downtown East.

They landed on to the concrete floor.

Both sisters were initially admitted to Changi General Hospital.

Siying was later transferred to the National University Hospital while her younger sister Sili was sent to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

The sisters were reunited at NUH because the mother wanted both the sisters to be in the same hospital.

Channel NewsAsia understands Sili, the more seriously injured of the two, is still at the Intensive Care Unit but is stable and conscious.

Siying has now been transferred to a normal ward and has said she is now afraid to take such rides again. The sisters and their mother had gone to the theme park on Friday. At 11.30am, the sisters went to the Alpha 8 ride - a ride which takes place in the dark. The girls were apparently flung out of the front seats of the ride just as it was picking up speed down a steep slope.

The theme park management said the ride had safety bars to secure patrons when the carts are on the move. The Alpha-8 ride, which is the theme park's main attraction, is also subject to certification twice a year and the last check was in August this year. It is believed the cause of the accident could be due to a faulty safety bar. This is the first such accident since the theme park opened in 2000.

The roller coaster ride at the theme park has since been suspended for further investigation. The theme park management is assisting the girls' family and will pay for their medical expenses.

Source : CNA
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