[AN] Le Crocodile Theme Park en Australie ne fait pas l'unanimité !

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Croc farmer slams theme park plans

One of the Northern Territory's leading crocodile experts has criticised plans to build a crocodile theme park in Darwin's CBD, saying it is unlikely to be a drawcard for tourists.

The development would see crocodile pens built on the same block as a new underground night club on Darwin's main tourist street, Mitchell Street.

Graeme Webb, who runs a crocodile farm in Darwin's rural area, says it is unfair for someone to be allowed to build a theme park in the city centre.

He has told the Development Consent Authority the site would be better off exhibiting sea turtles.

"It's something new where I mean that would give the Territory another $50 million of free advertising around the world," he said.

"I don't think we can get much more advertising on crocs."

Source : ABC

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