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$20m amusement park plans for Tbilisi

UK-based leisure and tourism developer Deighton International is to create a US$20m (£11.4m, 17m euro) amusement park in Georgia.

The 100,000sq m (1.08 million sq ft) project in the capital city of Tbilisi is being financed by a private entrepreneur and will include more than 20 rides and attractions for all ages.

An exisiting open-air ampitheatre will be refurbished for live entertainment while a disused funicular railway dating back to 1905 will also be brought back into operation and used to bring guests into the park.

Expected to attract around three million visitors per year, the attraction is the first phase of a scheme which could see the addition of a 500,000sq m (5.4 million sq ft) wildlife safari park at a later stage. Details: www.deighton-international.com

Source : Amusement Opportunities

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