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Sheikh Hamdan opens Dhs200 million Zabeel Park

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and Industry, and Chairman of Dubai Municipality, opened on Tuesday Zabeel Park, the first technology-based recreational theme park in the Gulf.

The park, located on three separate plots to the north east of the Dubai World Trade Centre and bounded by Trade Centre Road, Al Quta'eyat Road and Za'abeel Road, is aimed at boosting domestic and international tourism in Dubai.

The opening ceremony was attended by Qassim Sultan, Director General of Dubai Municipality, senior government officials from local departments and the municipality.

The park is divided into three plots, all of which are interlinked by pedestrian bridges.
Sultan said the Dh200 million park comprises a number of provisions including food courts, a cricket pitch, amphitheatre, exhibition centres and special facilities for boating.

"Zabeel Park will become a major tourist attraction in Dubai. The park has something to offer each visitor," he said.

With an overall area of 47.5 hectares the park has been designed with a technology theme that reflects the current status of Dubai as a regional centre for the development of high technology and IT industries. Zabeel Park will provide a themed recreation and leisure facility of international standard, for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors.

To reflect and maximise the technology theme, the park features a series of high tech interactive displays including educational and recreational exhibits grouped into three zones (Alternative Energy zone, Communications zone and Techno zone) as well as a maze modelled on the planetary system and other technology based attractions. In combination with these elements, the park features a contemporary and futuristic style that provides the park with an individual, vibrant and unique character, unseen before in other parks of Dubai.

The infrastructure of the park is functional and visually appealing in its own right, and incorporates a wide range of facilities such as a boating lake and lakeside restaurant; a sports centre; and exhibition gallery; an activity area including mini golf, adventure play, a skateboard park and a BMX track; informal recreation areas, barbeque facilities, shaded seating and play areas and refreshment kiosks.

There are plenty of play areas for children, while adults can spend their time sitting at the lakeside restaurants and enjoying the scenic beauty of the park. The park has been divided into three zones of 281,000 square metres, 162,000 square metres and 22,000 square metres.

The main attraction of the park is a mega bowl, which will be used for organising multi-purpose activities including weddings, parties, birthday functions and other events associated with college and business establishments.

Apart from functions, the mega bowl can be used for conducting exhibitions and shows from time to time. A terraced seating arrangement in the mega bowl will accommodate 2,000 people at any one time.

A mini-cricket pitch also forms part of Zabeel Park. Although not as big as a cricket ground, the mini-cricket field with a standard pitch and outfield promises to provide plenty of entertainment for cricket fans.

The other important features of the park include a jogging track of 4.3 kilometres surrounding the park with soft and hard landscaping of approximate width 12 metres. A number of date palm trees along with water fountains will dot the lush green park in the heart of the city.

The park will also feature a series of high-tech interactive displays including educational and recreational exhibits grouped into three zones. The park also has three sister city monuments in the form of Geneva, Gold Coast and Istanbul. The city monuments were incorporated in the park as part of sister city agreements between Dubai Municipality and the cities of Geneva, Istanbul and Gold Coast. In the next phase, there will be monuments for the other nine cities with which Dubai has signed sister cities agreements.

The 200 square meter Exhibition Gallery, situated on the main piazza opposite the restaurant, will provide a flexible internal exhibition space which can be used for a variety of exhibitions, by local school and community groups, private companies and by Dubai Municipality. Exhibitions can include a wide range of interests from sculpture and painting to promotions, such as product launches for computers cars or mobile phones, as well as educational displays on innovations from the world of science and technology.

Boating Lake: The ornamental boating lake is the central feature of the southern part of the park and will be filled from a stream cascading down a series of natural rock weirs from a height of 4.0m. A mix of pedal, rowing and battery powered motor boats will be available for hire. An island is incorporated into the design of the lake with a pathway access over two bridges to a lakeside viewing gazebo. A 'geyser' fountain will be a central feature within the lake which will erupt to a height of 20 metres once every twenty minutes.

Lakeside Restaurant & Entrance Piazza Restaurant: There are two main restaurants located in the Park. The first is a cafeteria-style restaurant adjacent to the main entrance plaza in the Northern part of the park and provides air-conditioned seating as well as extensive external paved and lawn areas. This restaurant will have an unusual interior décor reflecting the current Internet café trend. The second major restaurant, the Lakeside restaurant, will provide indoor as well as extensive outdoor seating on a timber deck area overlooking the boating lake.

Other features of the park include three refreshment kiosks, Piazza Café, health and fitness centre (a private sector venture, which will be completed by December 2007), Star Gate edutainment centre (another private venture to be completed by next year), Space Maze (modelled on the planetary system), barbeque areas, prayer areas for gents and ladies, boating lake, food court and Assault Course.

All three zones of the park are connected by a road train, which transports visitors from one zone to the other.

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