[AN] Snoopy quitte le Mall of America

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Good Grief! The 13-year-long partnership between Mall of America and the "Peanuts" gang is coming to an end.

Mall officials said Monday that months of negotiations with United Media, which licenses and syndicates the "Peanuts" comic strip, ended without an agreement.

That means that as of Jan. 19, the mall's 7-acre indoor amusement park, the largest of its kind in the United States, will no longer be called Camp Snoopy. Mall officials said they are in negotiations with other brands.

The park's attractions include more than 30 rides, a giant inflatable Snoopy, a World War I biplane ride and shops that sell "Peanuts" merchandise. The strip's creator, Charles Schulz, was born and grew up in the Twin Cities.

"The amusement park and rides will remain open and we are preparing to move forward in a new direction with new opportunities," mall officials said in a statement.

Source : Forbes
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