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Pirate-theme expansion planned for Legoland

 Legoland California plans to turn over part of its theme park to pirates armed to the teeth with cannons.

Of course, the teeth are baby teeth and the cannons would blast water.

The pirate theme is part of a long-contemplated expansion within the 6-year-old amusement park, including several new rides and attractions.

The city Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the proposal Wednesday evening.

The proposed expansion would take place in two sections of the 128-acre park.

One would form a new theme area called the "Pirates Cluster" and include five new rides, according to a commission report.

Park spokeswoman Kim Clark said that if it gets city approval, the park may develop the pirate-theme area this year.

Two other rides would be introduced in a section called the "Xtreme Cluster" and have no specific time line, Clark said.

Pirate rides would include "splash battle," in which young guests undergo training as buccaneers, then board boats and engage in battle using water cannons.

Another pirate attraction would feature small boats riding down a flume. Designed for families with young children, the flume would reach a peak of 15 feet.

Another would be a "pirate cove water scape" for 6-to 12-year-olds, including three levels of water play around a pirate ship.

Other proposals are for a "pirate toddler zone" and midway games.

The two rides planned for the Xtreme cluster are "aqua drag," in which riders race down a water slide, and "Drome attraction," road-racing based on Lego's race cars.

Clark said the proposed rides are consistent with Legoland's other attractions and are designed for families with children ages 2 to 12.

Legos are small plastic building blocks developed by the Denmark-based Lego Group.

The Danish company sold its four theme parks in July to the New York-based Blackstone Group for $460 million. The park is operated by Blackstone's Merlin Entertainment Group.

Wednesday's meeting will be at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive.

Source : Union Tribune

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