[AN] Un parc de loisirs gastronomique en Slovaquie

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Dining News (II): €2 Billion "Gastro Amusement Park" Proposed

gastroland.jpgIn what is already emerging as our all-time favorite doomed-from-the-start family entertainment concept, a group of developers is planning a Ft 500 billion (€2 billion) "gastronomical adventure park" that would straddle the Danube north of Budapest, taking in three Hungarian and one Slovakian towns and offering visitors a chance to sample cuisines from dozens of nations in settings that evoke the country were the grub came from. So far, 43 countries have indicated that they are interested in joining the project, and no, this isn't a joke, or at least we're not making this up.

According to hirado.hu and vendegvaro.hu "Gastroland" would cover the area around Szob, Ipolyalmásd, Márianoszta and Chlaba (in Slovakia), and would present the culinary delights of the world in settings reminiscent of the countries they come from, taking advantage of the area's diverse topography. For example, the representatives of Mexico will open their restaurant in the mountains, the Dutch near water, the Austrians near pine forests, and Hungary will build a csárda in some low-lying ground. There are plans for an international gastronomical museum and a total of 50 catering trade units, each with the ability to hold 200-300 diners at a time.

The project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the decade, will create an estimated 4,000 jobs, and the contract for the necessary land area has already been signed with the representatives of the chosen territory, according to the developer of the project, one Zoltán Remitzky.

As for what people are supposed to do at the park after the hour or two it takes to gorge themselves on tacos, waffles, sushi and blood sausages, we have no idea, though we sure hope it won't involve amusement park rides.

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