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Local authorities at Wroclaw, Poland's thirdilargest city with a population of 650,000, has unveiled introductory plans to launch an amusement park.

The announcement, made at the Euro Attractions Show on Saturday, was based on a preliminary study jointly conducted by Luxembourg-based JN Entertainment & Leisure Consultancy and Lodz-based PAIT Polish Tourism & Amusement Consulting.

Wroclaw's deputy mayor Wojciech Adamski, who was at the EAS, said: "The reason why the authorities want to develop an amusement park is because of a growing economy that has seen our inhabitants earn more money and need to spend on leisure."

The real estate on which the park will be built will be supplied by the local government. "We're providing our own land in this investment, and the city is always reliable as a business partner," Adamski added.

The study indicated that the amusement venture, expected to nearly 30 million euros, can expect about 400,000 visitors in its first year, growing up to 600,000 in within five years. The exact launch timetable has yet to be decided.

"In general, the project could pay itself back in nine years, based on an initial investment of about 29 million euros and government support to a certain extent," the advisors said in a statement. "It will create around 300 direct jobs in the park with a spin-off to other local businesses. The average annual economical impact for the city is calculated at around 46 million euros."

Jeroen Nijpel, JN Entertainment's founder, said about these preliminary findings: "This is a conservative scenario as Poland is still a greenfield when it comes to the amusement parks; therefore, it is best not to make any commitments before any more is known."

Should the amusement park get the local-government green light, it will be Wroclaw's third major leisure venture in recent years.

Western City, a themed leisure village based on the American Wild West, is scheduled for a May opening, while the city has joined forces with German park operator Spa to open a waterpark at the end of 2006.

The city is also considering renting a Ferris wheel to install in Wroclaw's city center as an experiment. The object will be to educate the local officials on how their citizens and visitors will respond to out-of-home entertainment in terms of pricing, for example.

A local cultural-exchange association is also an investor in these leisure enterprises.

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The EAS announcement comes after Rajmund Papiernik, programme coordinator at Wroclaw municipality's cultural division, visited the IAAPA Expo at Atlanta in November in search of potential investors (AB Online, Nov. 17).

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