[AN] Les nouveautés de Six Flags New England

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As part of Six Flags' chain-wide 45th anniversary celebration, Six Flags New England announced today that it will build two new rides for the 2006 season.

The first ride, Catapult, is a Mayan-themed S&S Sky Swatter that whirls guests around in a vertical loop up to heights of 105 feet, forwards and then backwards. The second ride, Splash Water Falls, is a 60-foot-tall raft ride. Up to six guests board the circular rafts, which are sent spinning down a tubular track of drops and spins. Spectators can add a new element to the ride experience by firing water cannons at the riders.

Both rides were relocated from the now-closed Six Flags AstroWorld. Six Flags New England begins seasonal operations on April 15.

Source : Thrillnetwork

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