[AN] Le Rebranding des Busch Gardens

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Tampa's theme park re-branded

Busch Gardens is getting a new name.

Busch Entertainment Corp., owner of eight U.S. theme parks and attractions, has changed the name to Busch Gardens Africa. It also renamed Busch Gardens Williamsburg to Busch Gardens Europe.

The changes come with a TV advertising campaign in full swing. The campaign began on March 27 on cable networks and is designed to highlight the differences in the two parks, a release said.

Tampa's Busch Gardens Africa has not yet changed its Web site to reflect its new name, but that change will be made soon, management at Busch Entertainment said in a release.

The attraction is still enjoying the attendance buzz that its new dive coaster SheiKra made when it opened last May.

Attendance was up 5.1 percent in 2005.

Source : Tampa Bay Business Journal

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