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Amusement park auctions tickets for first ride on new coaster

Roller coaster fans can bid for a chance to be the first riders on The Voyage, a new wooden roller coaster at Holiday World set to debut next month.

The southern Indiana amusement park is auctioning 28 tickets for the coaster on the Web site eBay.

Proceeds from the auction, which marks the park's 60th anniversary, will support Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

"Since last summer, we've been asked repeatedly about who gets those first rides on The Voyage," park president Will Koch said in a statement. "We decided auctioning off the first rides on opening day would be the perfect opportunity to raise some money for a worthy cause."

Top bidders will be able to enter the park an hour early on May 6. They'll also receive a T-shirt and a meal.

The Voyage is expected to be among the world's fastest and longest wooden roller coasters. During the 1.2-mile ride, speeds reach 70 mph and cars climb 173 feet, zoom through three 90-degree banked sections and drop at a 66-degree angle.

Source : AP

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