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An amusement park investment worth 45.2 billion forints (EUR 170m) will open in 2009 in the village of Bezenye near the Austrian border, Economics Minister Janos Koka told MTI on Friday. Cyprus-based Doxeon Investment and Consulting's Hungarian subsidiary Lukale Zrt will start building a hotel, the amusement and wellness park and a shopping mall on 150 hectares this year, he said. The facility Koka dubbed "Hungary's Disneyland" will add 1,800 new jobs to those 9,141 that other investment projects have offered in Hungary over the past six moths. Investment projects under the government led by Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany have created 60,000 new jobs since the autumn of 2004, Koka said. In 2005 alone record foreign direct investment inflow amounted to 5.3 million euros.

source: MTI Corp.

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