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Jesse: Jax plans Africa theme park

Michael Jackson is convinced he'll be acquitted of molesting boys and plans to open a children's theme park in Africa, according to the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

"He has plans far beyond this crisis," Jesse Jackson, the embattled pop star's "spiritual adviser," told MSNBC.

"He has this kind of fascination with Africa. He's been there many times.

"He wants the children of Africa to have a theme park just as Neverland has a park."

Though a forensic accountant at the trial testified that Jacko is $270 million in debt, Jesse Jackson denied that and said Michael won't be selling off any of his assets.

Neither the Neverland Ranch nor the Elvis, Beatles or Jackson music catalogues will be on the auction block, even though the singer has been somewhat "cash-strapped," he said.

So how will Jacko pay for a new theme park?

Vegas, baby!

According to "Celebrity Justice," the King of Pop has been negotiating with impresario Steve Wynn to headline a show at the brand new Wynn Hotel and Casino.

In March, Us Weekly reported Donald Trump's people were also talking to Jacko.

But the mogul quickly tossed water on the talk. "It's an interesting idea but I don't think he'd show up half the time," Trump said.

"I can't imagine what the insurance policy would be like," he quipped to the syndicated entertainment show "The Insider." Michael Jackson hasn't been on stage since 2001.

Just in case the African theme park and Sin City plans are moot, and the moonwalker does end up behind bars, Jesse Jackson said he'll do just fine.

"I mean, while he looks kind of delicate, and dances, and talks in a kind of high-pitched voice, he's really a very tough and smart guy," he said.

And whatever happens, there won't be any more boys in his bed, Jesse assured the world.

"It shouldn't have happened in the first place but certainly it will never happen again," he said.

Michael Jackson vowed to fans last year that he would never put himself in a position again in which he could be accused of molestation.

Originally published on May 27, 2005

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