Un parc d'attractions en vente sur Ebay

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musement Park on E-Bay

Wichita's oldest amusement park sale is being advertised on eBay, although prospective buyers can't bid on it through the online auction site.

The listing went up Wednesday. It's part of an effort to publicize that the 40-acre Joyland Amusement Park, its equipment and rides are for sale.

The sale price is listed as $1.65 million. The advertisement tells interested buyers to contact real estate company Occidental Management.

The park was built in 1949, and the listing says it has ``an exclusive collection of vintage rides,'' including a wooden roller coaster made by the Philadelphia Tobbogan Company.

Stanley and Margaret Nelson ran the park for four decades. They sold it in May 2003, but bought it back last year after taking foreclosure action.


Voici le lien vers la fiche produit avec quelques photos du parc ! : ici

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