[AN] 5000e tour sur Boulder Dash à Lake Compounce

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Dans la série des records, voici l'histoire du jeune Anthony qui vient de fêter son 5000e tour sur le wooden coaster "Boulder Dash" de Lake Compounce.

Man rides wooden coaster 5,000 times

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. -- A roller coaster fanatic reached a milestone Friday at a local amusement park after many twists, turns and screams.

Anthony Reynolds of South Hadley, Mass., took his 5,000th ride on the "Boulder Dash" wooden roller coaster at Lake Compounce.

Park officials said Reynolds, who goes by the nickname "Coaster Tony," rode the coaster on the first day it opened in 2000. On some days, he went on the ride 100 times. In his lifetime, he estimates that he's taken 20,000 coaster rides at parks across the U.S. and Canada.

"I get butterflies at the beginning of the season," said Reynolds, a sales manager. "And I am absolutely terrified of heights."

Reynolds said his obsession began at the age of 7 when he rode his first coaster at Mount Park in Massachusetts. He said the rides helped him deal with family problems he was experiencing after his parents' divorce.

"When I ride on a coaster," he said, "I remember that feeling as a little kid when you're all scared, and then you get off the ride and you feel like you accomplished something and you want to go back on again. This started out being a ride and it ended up being much more than I ever expected."

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