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Universal places Jaws on a reduced schedule

Universal Studios is scaling back the operation of its Jaws attraction -- one of the park's original rides -- keeping it open only for peak periods and special occasions for the rest of the year, a spokesman said Monday.

Spokesman Tom Schroder said the attraction will be on a modified schedule to steer guests toward newer rides, like Shrek 4-D and Revenge of the Mummy, and also to allow for basic maintenance.

"Jaws has a very dedicated following," he said. "But many people have yet to experience the newer rides."

The change in schedule will not result in the loss of jobs among the park's full-time, part-time or seasonal workers, Schroder said.

"Team members will be reassigned to other responsibilities," he said. "They were told of the changes on Monday."

The ride will close starting Thursday and is expected to return to a full schedule next year, though no date has been set yet, Schroder said..

"This is not uncommon in our industry and makes good business sense," he said. "In the past, we made similar operating changes and staggered the opening times for some rides to achieve efficiencies."

The ride will be open at Thanksgiving and Christmas and also for special events, like after-hours events, that already have been scheduled, he said.

Guests will be informed of the schedule change by signs in front of the attraction and also by Universal staffers, who will be able to recommend other rides.

Jaws is one of several of the park's original attractions, including Earthquake, that have been in service since Universal Studios opened in 1990, Schroder said.

"It's been operating successfully for many years," he said.

However, a couple of the original rides, Jaws among them, didn't work properly at first and had to be rebuilt.

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