[AN] Construction d'un parc indoor pour le Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Lodge and Indoor Waterpark Resort

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Construction under way on amusement park

UTICA - Giant concrete slabs hung in the air as a crew constructed a 60-foot wall for an indoor amusement park Monday.

Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Lodge and Indoor Waterpark Resort is expanding its attractions as owners begin construction of a 39,000-square-foot indoor amusement park. The park is the next addition to the resort, which includes a hotel, water park, vacation villas, restaurants and a miniature golf course.

One of the resort owners, Keith Wolick, said he hopes to have the "Enchanted Forest" amusement park open by Jan. 1, 2006. Construction began Friday on the building, which will include 10 rides, a family-style pizza restaurant and a stage for music entertainment.

"We're pretty excited, I'm very happy with our rides," Wolick said. "They are like carnival rides."

Wolick named the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Eclipse as major features at the park. The forest-themed building will also include a miniature Ferris wheel and bumper cars.

Wolick said all of the rides are safe for children age 7 to adult. Three rides are geared for younger children.

"It's very family oriented," Wolick said.

Wolick said he is looking to include food vendors and games as space permits. He said the park will be open to the public, so people can enjoy the carnival atmosphere year-round.

"There are no windows. The lights from the rides will be the main light source," Wolick said. "So you will feel like you're at a carnival in the nighttime."

A pizza restaurant will overlook a stage, which Wolick said he hopes will feature live music.

"We've got big plans," Wolick said, adding that if the park is a huge success an additional outdoor site for larger rides could be added.

Source : PJStar

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