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Warner Bros. Movie World once again breaks new ground in live entertainment with the launch of an ogre-whelming new attraction starring the world’s most famous and loveable ogre.

All of your favourite characters and superhero's are at Warner Bros. Movie World!

Opening Saturday 17 September, ‘Shrek 4D Adventure’ is a cutting edge multi-sensory attraction – a totally new movie with spectacular visuals and multiple special effects yet to be seen, heard and felt in a ‘4D’ attraction in Australia.

‘Shrek 4D Adventure’ will bridge the narrative between DreamWorks’ Oscar® - winning movie ‘Shrek®’ - “the greatest fairy-tale never told,” and the sequel from DreamWorks Pictures, ‘Shrek 2®’ and once again feature the comic talents of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow who give voice to the swamp-dwelling ogre, Shrek®, his faithful chatterbox companion, Donkey; his bride, Princess Fiona; and the vengeful ghost of Lord Farquaad.

Donning specially-created “OgreVision” glasses, guests will be transported into a state of the art 3D film that, along with surprising sensory elements, will propel them into the ultimate ‘Shrek 4D’ experience.

The experience becomes even more immersive with the creation of uniquely designed ‘Shrek’ seats, each equipped with seven different special effects that repeat numerous times in tandem with the 3D animation, including vertical drops and horizontal motions!

Guests visiting Warner Bros. Movie World will also have the chance to meet the big, green and loveable ogre Shrek and his new bride, Princess Fiona who will join the star-studded cast of characters appearing in the Park daily.

In announcing the new attraction, John Menzies, Chief Executive Officer, Warner Village Theme Parks said, “Warner Village Theme Parks are always striving to introduce innovative new attractions such as Shrek 4D Adventure in an effort to drive holidaymakers to the Gold Coast and further enhance the region’s reputation as Australia’s leading holiday destination.

“Warner Bros. Movie World is a world-class movie studio theme park, offering unique and groundbreaking entertainment experiences not found anywhere else in Australia.

“Our commitment is to bring the most unique and exciting entertainment experiences to life based on popular contemporary movie product. The new Shrek 4D Adventure attraction is an example of the tremendous rewards to be realised from working with a creative powerhouse such as DreamWorks.

“We are so delighted to welcome Shrek to Warner Bros. Movie World and believe it will strengthen the Park’s already exceptional stable of movie themed attractions,” Mr Menzies said.

‘Shrek 4D Adventure’ marks the first animation to be created for a theme park by the animation wizards at PDI/DreamWorks, the creators of ‘Shrek’. The addition of three-dimensional depth to the animation and the creation of in-theatre effects by attraction designers at Universal Creative will be parts of the new OgreVision multi-sensory experience.

Members of the team responsible for ‘Shrek’ and ‘Shrek 2’ also created the new animation. David Lipman, the co-executive producer for ‘Shrek’ and producer for ‘Shrek 2’ also produced the theme park attraction and Simon Smith, Head of Layout on ‘Shrek’ directed it. Also, Harry Gregson-Williams, one of the composers on ‘Shrek’, composed the new orchestral score.

The ogre-whelming ‘Shrek 4D Adventure’ begins when guests are ushered into a pre-show chamber and greeted by the late, vertically challenged Lord Farquaad himself, who, in his first posthumous appearance, will inform guests of his ghostly scheme to haunt Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey. The video and animatronic preamble will prepare guests for their entry into the main theatre and the wild adventure to follow.

Once settled in their specially-designed seats, guests will be transported to the fairy tale realm of Duloc, as the screen and the theatre itself come alive with the tale of the Shrek-Princess Fiona honeymoon adventure.

The tale begins as Shrek, Princess Fiona and their companion, Donkey set off for a honeymoon. But the ghost of Lord Farquaad, intent on taking his fearsome revenge, interrupts the honeymooners’ bliss. Soon, our fairy-tale heroes are face to face with ghostly foes and the audience is transported into the centre of a thrilling adventure packed with such fast-paced sequences as an aerial dogfight between fire-breathing dragons and a steep plunge down a 1,000-foot deadly waterfall.

It’s an ogre-load of fun not to be missed!

Warner Bros. Movie World is the only place where you can become lost in a world of fantasy and fun; meet Shrek and all your favourite stars and super heroes, and experience the exhilaration of world-class adventure rides, movie attractions and an array of stunning shows including the Shrektacular new ‘Shrek 4D Adventure’ attraction.

Warner Bros. Movie World – where movie magic happens every day!

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