[AN] Ouverture d'un Nicco Park Aquatique en 2006 en Inde

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Make a splash in Nicco Park’s fun pool
Spread over 6 acres, largest water theme park in country to cost Rs 6 cr; to have international standard water treatment facilities

Nicco Parks and Resorts Limited is opening its Water Theme Park in summer 2006.

It will be situated on the premises of Nicco Park just behind Superbowl Bowling Alley.

icco has entered into an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with Ion Exchange Services Limited (IESL) to procure international standard water treatment facilities in the water park to be christened Wet O Wild - Beach Tropicana. The project will cost approximately Rs 6 crore.

The water park, all of six acres, will have the largest synthetic beach in the country. IESL will ensure the highest standard of water quality and maintain suspended impurities, dissolved gases, iron content, hardness, alkalinity, dissolved solids, the colour and odour of the water.

A full-fledged laboratory will be established at the park to test water twice a day prior to opening of the park and then again around mid day. The test results will be displayed prominently for the visitors’ perusal.

The contract was signed between Dinesh Sadasivan, director and CEO of IESL and Arijit Sengupta, director and CEO of Nicco Park, today. IESL and Nicco Park will market these services jointly in India and the world over.

This will be Nicco’s second water park after the one in Dhaka called Nandan. Another one is in the offing in Colombo.

“The quality of water is very important to ward off infections and diseases. WHO has set down definite standards regarding the water in amusement parks, and we are going to maintain the standard,” said Rajesh Sharma, managing director, IESL.

“Good water quality is imperative so that families can enjoy with a free mind.

“The IESL will install not only the best equipment but also work towards their upkeep,” affirmed Rajeev Kaul, the chairman, Nicco.

Kaul further added: “This strategic alliance will help Nicco Park to increase its water park turnkey business in the current rapidly growing economic environment of India and other parts of the world.”

Source : Express News Service

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