[AN] Un second projet de parc d'attractions à la "Disneyland" pour Moscou

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Amusement Park Plans Multiplying

A second Russian "Disneyland" is planned as part of a mammoth $2.1 billion leisure development southeast of Moscow -- although as at the city's other giant amusement park project, Mickey Mouse is not invited.

At a Moscow region government meeting last week, deputy economy minister Valery Filchenko announced plans for a vast development in the Ramenskoye district that would include "Disneyland, a motor track, a professional golf course and a safari park," according to a report on the legislature's official web site, www.mosreg.ru. Filchenko later confirmed by telephone, however, that no agreement with Disney was actually planned and that the park would not carry the Disney name.

Source : Moscowtimes

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